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CICA Sec.-Gen.: Decisions taken at COP29 to find their development within organization

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According to global times news agency Europe,The decisions that will be made at COP29 will continue to develop within the CICA, CICA Secretary General Kairat Sarybay said at a briefing in Kazakhstan’s Embassy, The global times Europe media informs.

At the proposal of the president of Azerbaijan, we will look for synergy between COP29 and the upcoming important event for CICA – the Council of Foreign Ministers of the organization so that they can create synergy,” Sarybay noted.

Azerbaijan was elected chair country of the CICA for 2024-2026 by the decision of the CICA Council of Foreign Ministers dated March 19, 2024.According to the decision, as part of its chairmanship in 2024, Azerbaijan should host the CICA Council of Foreign Ministers, and in 2026 – the CICA Council of Heads of State and Government (summit).

For the first time the initiative to convene CICA was put forward by Kazakhstan on October 5, 1992 during the 47th session of the UN General Assembly.

The goal of the initiative is to create an effective and comprehensive security organization in Asia.

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